Boards4U: Easily visualize your work

Boards4U gives your (DevOps) teams the ability to visualize their work (stories, incidents, requests, security tasks, etc.) in a single overview. More importantly, it offers teams the flexibility to define their own way of working, whilst the easy to use interface drives user adoption.

Working agile unifies teams

Boards4U was developed with only one purpose in mind: visualize and plan your work in an agile way in ServiceNow. By creating overview, managers can steer teams more accurately, whilst the agile way of working unifies teams by stimulating collaboration. Easy prioritization of work furthermore increases work efficiency.

Consolidate different types of work

Managing (DevOps) teams can be a real challenge. Using different tools for managing the work for a single team makes it even harder. Therefore, we created the possibility to visualize different types of data in a single board, like stories, incidents and vulnerabilities, but also non-IT-related items like maintenance requests, HR tasks, etc.

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Boards4U - What is important

Prioritize work

Boards4U offers planning capabilities. This means you can prioritize work, so your team always knows which tasks to do first. If you’d like to show new critical incidents in your agile backlog on top, then that’s no problem. You can prioritize by e.g. marking blocked stories, highlighting critical incidents or show failed test results.

Match workflows

An incident has a different workflow than a story or a vulnerability response task, which is why Boards4U consolidates different workflows in a single board and allows you to create your own mapping to your lanes, e.g. by placing Incident Work in Progress to Doing and Vulnerability Investigation to Doing.

Boards4U - Match flows

Boards4U - Continuous integration

Continuous integration

Do you have a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline? Then you can integrate your CI pipeline in Boards4U! It allows you to monitor your CI build and commits in your stories, but also move them or block them when testing fails. Integration is a piece of cake using REST Services, and if you use CI4U, we are able to do most of the mapping for you.

Unified user experience across boards

Boards4U is a board suite that supports several board types and combinations, providing you with a single user experience across the boards. The boards share components and features, so you can say goodbye to separate boards applications that are not interconnected.

The boards4U application consists of the following board types:

Boards4U application

Boards4U - Sprint board - agile workflows

Sprint Board

The Sprint Board has two main features that sets it apart from other board types:

  • Dynamic Lanes
  • Backlog

Dynamic Lanes can be configured as any type of record in ServiceNow. It is mostly used to display current and planned sprints. The purpose of the board is to assign tasks to this lane, so you can e.g. assign a story to a sprint.

The Backlog is used for all tasks that are not related to a Dynamic Lane, so you can display all stories that are not related to a sprint.

Task Board

Since team members work on their own tasks, the Task Board is especially made for them. In the Task Board, you determine the workflow for your team, i.e. whether they use the lanes To Do, Doing and Done or use a more complicated workflow including Review, Validation, Fast Lane, etc. You can also configure what types of tasks need to be shown on that board, e.g. stories, incidents, changes, HR tasks and facility tasks.

Boards4U - Task board - agile workflows

Boards4U - backlog board

Backlog Board

The Backlog Board is meant for refining your backlog. You can assign points to processes or tasks, set prioritization and re-order tasks.

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Contact person

Jim Austin
Jim Austin
Director Americas
+1 980 257 1450