3 ServiceNow Custom Application Development success stories

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Imagine you’re working for a global logistics company. One morning, you open your email and discover one of the trucks accidentally delivered 500 soda cans instead of 5000. Immediately, you panic and start sending multiple emails and going through various Excel sheets trying to figure out why it happened. A couple of days and 30+ back-and-forth emails later, you find out that the warehouse employee wrote down the wrong order number.

Even though these errors happen from time to time, you don’t have to spend so much time fixing them. In fact, with ServiceNow, you can automate the process and save hours. The cloud-based software has different modules and workflows for your company’s needs. Even with hundreds of industry-standard workflows available out-of-the-box, what if you can’t find one that fits like a glove? This is where ServiceNow Custom Application Development comes into play.

With ServiceNow App Engine, you can build tailored workflows that follow your operational processes. It’s great for companies that want to simplify complicated and dull tasks. In addition, your customers or employees won’t be left in the dark since they can check statuses or request updates from the app. This will improve the employee experience and will allow you to say goodbye to filling out tons of paperwork or spreadsheets and say hello to automated workflows. But don’t just take our word for it; check out these success stories to see for yourself.

Dept of Foreign Affairs: Making transportation and relocation easier with Move4U

Being a diplomat is tough. Sure, it’s cool to be treated like a VIP at airports, but they generally have heaps of paperwork to go through in their jobs. When it’s time for them to move halfway across the world again, it’s not fun if this process is managed in Excel sheets and email. It causes frustration, slows down the process and makes it difficult to keep track of progress. Therefore, when an embassy approached us with this issue, we knew what had to be done.  

To reduce the amount of paperwork and time taken, we created Move4U. It offers relocation and transportation services. Diplomats and their families can easily fill out a list of items they want to take, and logistics companies can apply for tasks they would like to assist with. The embassy then selects the logistics companies and starts the process. 

Move4U made it easier and faster for the embassy to relocate diplomats and their families. Hundreds of families could be moved every year with the new standardized and automated process, allowing for easy tracking and more accountability. Logistics companies could bid on the items they could transport, and the embassy selected the cheapest and safest option, resulting in cost savings. 

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Energy company: Improving safety and quality with a custom application

Running an energy company comes with a lot of paperwork and heavy regulations. To prove compliance with safety and security requirements, a good system for collecting and verifying information is essential. 
The ServiceNow custom application we built fulfilled our customers’ requirements by making it easier to track rules and compliances, record safety observations, and check for quality assurance. Moreover, it allowed any employee to make a safety observation and alert the involved person to take action. 
Before using the app, employees were hesitant to make safety observations due to the time it took. Now, they can easily create observations, and compliance can be proved using a dashboard with real-time insights. Audit findings dropped and quality assurance is now always up to date. 

Top global beer brand: Solving logistical issues with a tailored application

Keeping track of inventory and ensuring timely delivery is crucial for running a successful brewery. When a large Dutch brewery faced logistical issues and long turnaround times, they approached us for a solution. 

The brewery was using a transport management application that lacked a way to raise tickets and track information. Using ServiceNow Custom Application Development, we built an application for tracking transportation tickets and order numbers and ensured a seamless integration with the brewer’s other third-party solutions.

As a result, tickets were resolved much faster. It became easy to track the entire process and get insights when something went wrong. Moreover, the employees could figure out why things went wrong and make changes to avoid errors in the future.  

Some FAQs about ServiceNow App Development

How do I know if ServiceNow is the best tool for me?
If you’re looking to automate a workflow, then ServiceNow is definitely your go-to platform. It truly makes work flow.

How long does ServiceNow Custom Application Development generally take?
Thanks to all the pre-built features in ServiceNow App Engine, developers can create apps in a matter of minutes, if you know your way around App Engine of course. Building an application from scratch usually takes a few weeks.

Can customers build the apps themselves?
Absolutely! Anyone can create an application with ServiceNow. Plat4mation will then guide you through the process and show you how to create one.

What is the extent of ServiceNow’s capabilities?
Believe it or not, if you can sketch it out on paper, you can create it on ServiceNow! It’s that simple. 

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