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5 Things that will improve your customer service

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With the on-demand, easy-access revolution that skyrocketed customer expectations and customers venting their opinions on social media all the time, you can’t get away anymore with saying you stand for something and then don’t follow through. You have to walk your talk. Not just in B2C but also in B2B. So, if you say you provide top-notch customer service, you have to make that your priority number one. This means you need to enable your employees to do the best job possible. How? By automating routine tasks and providing easy access to information, with ServiceNow.

After years of implementing ServiceNow Customer Service Management, we know that if you get the following 5 things right, you’re on the right track to providing an excellent customer service:


  1. Always available
    Customers expect to have access to your services anytime, anywhere. You need to have 24/7 digital presence.


  1. Easy does it
    Pamper your customers with easiness. When a customer contacts you for the first time, there needs to be recognition. The agent has to know who you are and maybe even anticipate why you’re calling. That way, a customer will experience that true feeling of being served. You can accomplish that with ServiceNow’s Agent Workspace, which provides your agents with all the information they need in one view.


  1. Self-service
    Empower your customers to go and find answers to their questions themselves. Customers like to be independent these days. They don’t want to phone or email you for every little issue they run into. So, if you make sure they have access to a portal that is full of knowledge articles to help find them answers, you’re doing a good job. If they do need help from you, this should only be one click away.


  1. Speed & quality
    Your service speed and quality are important too. Make sure your customer service agents have direct access to all information and that they can easily communicate with colleagues if they need to exchange thoughts. That way, they can serve customers better and faster.


  1. Measure to improve
    This might be stating the obvious, but there are still many customer service organizations who don’t properly measure their service. The better you can measure, the more you can improve. Some examples of things you can measure:
    • Customer satisfaction (NET promoter score)
    • Queues (queuing mechanisms)
    • Service provider performance
      • Are we doing the right things?
      • How fast are we doing things?

Customer success story

Above insights are not just made up. They are based on real situations at customers. Below a striking customer story, showing the positive impact a platform like ServiceNow can have on your business in general and your customer service operations.

HR service provider grows with 10% after introducing ServiceNow

One of our customers, an HR service provider, was able to grow their business with 10% after they started using ServiceNow. Before, they used email and a wide variety of software systems.

Their agents had to work from as many as 13 different systems (!), making it complex and time-consuming to find and register information. Now, employees only work from ServiceNow. They can easily access knowledge and even share knowledge articles with customers. Getting rid of all that waste allowed them to take on more business with the same number of employees, resulting in 10% growth!


What automation can do

That same customer also runs a service office for start-up companies. One of the workflows that was cracking them up was registering a new company at the authorities. It was a boring, time-consuming, and long ordeal they had to go through every single time a start-up requested this service.

Now, this workflow is fully automated thanks to ServiceNow. The entrepreneur is automatically registered at the authorities. Only in case something goes wrong, an employee is involved. Entrepreneurs get instructed on what documentation they need to provide. Once the documentation is complete and the entrepreneur hits send, a couple of hours later everything is sorted!

For the start-up companies, this workflow saves time and hassle, so they are super happy with it. The business is pleased that they now have more time to spend on improving their service instead of providing service.


If you want to know all about ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM), go here. If you want to know how we go about a ServiceNow CSM implementation and why we’re the go-to partner, go here.

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