Apply today’s consumer UX to your enterprise operations with ServiceNow

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Improve workforce productivity and job satisfaction among your employees with consumer experience workflows on ServiceNow.


Despite a plethora of digital platforms and the investments companies are making in them, work tasks still don’t offer the simplicity of those in our personal life.

Businesses are still struggling with inefficient workflows and poor user experiences for the employees who use them. In the consumer realm, users don’t come back again after a bad or choppy experience — the difference is, employees have no choice.

The result is an enterprise-wide issue of simple tasks taking far too long to complete, not getting completed at all, or requiring too much administrative work. The consequence is higher costs and lower workforce productivity, but ultimately, this pulls down job satisfaction and puts employee retention at risk.

Typical issues that impede the ROI of IT modernization

Apply today’s consumer UX to your enterprise operations with ServiceNow

The ServiceNow platform is at the heart of many digital transformations and continues to grow in terms of the enterprise functions it supports, but companies have yet to master the art of utilizing the platform itself, or the analytics tools it offers to improve the workflows and the user experiences behind them.


Plat4mation has created a Continuous Improvement machine which uses various analytics tools (a combination of ServiceNow and third-party analytics tools) to apply the same approach behind the success UX front-runners have had in the B2C markets, to the workflows and user experiences that make up your enterprise operations.

We offer a proprietary 4-step approach to uncover meaningful opportunities for improvement, establish metrics to measure its current and ongoing effectiveness, and then finally, implement steps to improve the workflow and/or UX.

Analytics tools to uncover workflow and UX improvement opportunities

Apply today’s consumer UX to your enterprise operations with ServiceNow

Our approach aims to improve the simplicity and efficiency of any given workflow so that 1) work gets done more efficiently, and 2) it’s a more enjoyable experience for people who request and deliver services. At the end of the day, the company as a whole is more productive, and their employees have more time to focus on more valuable, fulfilling tasks.

The Continuous Improvement model can be used to optimize a single workflow and/or user experience, or the same in a larger-scale business process that spans multiple organizational functions.


  1. Reduce operating costs (and caseload): by simplifying the workflows and employee UX, tickets or calls submitted for help, as well as the number of abandoned tasks, will decrease.
  2. Improve workforce productivity: Automate end-to-end business processes, reduce the time it takes for tasks to get done, and allow people to focus on more valuable tasks.
  3. Improve job satisfaction: By making tasks easy to complete, you eliminate frustration of employees who would previously spend too much time navigating bad or unclear workflows.

Why Plat4mation?

At Plat4mation, we help company’s realize maximum value from the ServiceNow platform by optimizing business processes, and realizing the best user experiences. Recognized with two global partner awards in 2021, we leverage our long-standing platform expertise and a vast library of proprietary reusable assets and methodologies to make work flow better for companies around the world.

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