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Employee Experience

Changing workforce

Amidst a war for talent, an aging workforce and high expectations from digital natives, organizations are urged to improve the employee experience in order to retain employees and keep attracting talent. Because millennials expect a consumer-grade experience at work. They don’t want to be bothered with menial tasks. They want to do meaningful work.

Work frustrations

In reality, many employees struggle to execute their work. The provided technology does not help them get their work done, because there are simply too many systems with bad user experiences, and they are not mobile-ready. This results in a lack of flow and frustration. And nobody wants to be frustrated at work.

Unifying HR, IT & Facilities workflows

By connecting all of your Service and Support Depts like HR, IT, Facility Management, etc. to ServiceNow, we can help you create a unified multi-channel (portal, chatbot, mobile) employee experience. We optimize workflows like room reservations, on-/offboarding, IT requests, etc. and introduce a Knowledge Base to enhance information sharing and reuse. We measure experience levels to keep track of employee satisfaction.

Your EX in good hands

We start with a baseline measurement of the employee experience (EX). Our data analysts then identify the areas with the biggest impact. Our UI/UX Designers use Design Thinking techniques and practical knowledge of ServiceNow to design the best employee experience. Our Portal Developers bring the required skills and assets to build your solution, while our OCM consultants ensure the solution is implemented effectively.

It is time to put your employees first.

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Employee Experience

Applications to support your Employee Experience

Discover our standard applications and integrations for the ServiceNow platform. Because our applications improve your business processes, you are able to work more efficiently. All of our applications are certified by ServiceNow for platform compatibility, security and performance.



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