How to go from CMMI Maturity Level 2 to 4 with ServiceNow ITSM Pro

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CMMI illustration

In a time of digital transformation, the role of IT Service Management has never been more important. With that, expectations of the business and end users are rising and constantly changing. This requires a more mature and flexible IT organization, preferably one on CMMI Maturity Level 4. But, what if you’re stuck at level 2 or even 1? How do you climb up the maturity ladder? Let’s find out.

Up until very recently, IT Service Management processes were implemented in a static way. Once in place, they weren’t revised or questioned ever again. But that tactic isn’t working anymore. IT needs to be able to constantly meet the (changing) expectations of the business and/or end users. This calls for a flexible and mature IT Service Management capability. One that continuously learns, adjusts, automates and is focused on achieving business value.

Climbing one or two CMMI Maturity Levels

The CMMI Maturity Levels (1-5) indicate how flexible and mature your IT Service Management organization is (see below). But what if you’re stuck on CMMI Maturity level 1 or 2 and don’t know how to climb up one or two levels?

The answer to that question is the Continual Improvement Management feature in ServiceNow ITSM Pro combined with Organizational Change Management.

CMMI Maturity Level 1 to 5

The Continual Improvement Management feature in ServiceNow ITSM Pro ensures you keep improving your service management processes, thus helping you mature your IT organization step by step. The big difference with other tools is that you lock improvements in place, i.e. there’s no danger that you fall back into doing things the old way.

BUT, implementing the tool alone won’t help you increase your IT maturity. Proper Organizational Change Management is just as crucial as the continuous improvement track ServiceNow ITSM Pro offers.

Continual Improvement Management in ServiceNow ITSM Pro

Continual Improvement Management enables you to discover improvement opportunities, set quantifiable goals and track progress against those goals to identify gaps. It helps to achieve continual improvement in a standardized, organized, and efficient manner. Measurement, prioritization and repeatable initiatives ensure you drive service excellence.

For realizing improvements, ServiceNow ITSM Pro takes the famous Deming cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) as starting point:
plan check do act visual - CMMI Maturity Level

That’s also why all ServiceNow ITSM Pro features and components have their own place in the Deming cycle:


Overview of ITSM Pro features supporting each Deming Cycle phase

Manage change to reach a higher maturity level

The real benefit comes when people are enabled and start to actively use the available tools and processes. The goal is to establish the right mode of operation and team culture that will drive the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle for continuous maturity growth. To achieve this, we take a certain approach in adopting ServiceNow ITSM Pro.

This approach entails an Future Mode of Operation (FMO) blueprint that accelerates identifying the delta with the Current Mode of Operation (CMO) to organize the organizational/team structure effectively.

The available tools, communication and training materials help the organization to adopt the change. On top of that, our framework for measuring KPIs and objectives help to focus doing the right things the right way, driving value and creating the required culture.
Download playbook How to climb the IT maturity ladder

Top 3 ITSM Pro features that improve your maturity

With a higher CMMI Maturity Level comes better visibility and prediction, and automation. The following ServiceNow ITSM Pro features do exactly that:


1. Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent is ServiceNow’s chatbot feature, both available on desktop and mobile. With a chatbot handling simple but frequent requests like password resets, you free up your service desk agents to resolve the more complex issues faster. Add machine learning capabilities, NLU and broad platform integrations to that and you’re about to revolutionize your ITSM!


Virtual Agent screenshot

2. Agent Workspace

Agent Workspace provides agents the insights they need to help callers faster. It is a one-stop tool that accelerates MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve) and improves FCR (First Call Resolution) rates. Integrate conversations, auto-assign cases, display knowledge and enjoy a 360º view on customer data and KPIs from a single view with Agent Workspace.


Agent Workspace screenshots


3. Predictive Intelligence

Assign requests to the right agent thanks to correct prioritization with Predictive Intelligence in ServiceNow ITSM Pro. This allows them to address issues at business speed, exceed service levels and increase customer satisfaction. With the out-of-the-box machine learning models you can directly educate delivery and improve efficiency and satisfaction.


Predictive Intelligence screenshot - CMMI Maturity Level