ITSM versus DevOps: which side are you on?

“ITIL is rapidly becoming outdated”. “DevOps will add to our already burgeoning overhead.” “The fundamental approaches, processes and terminology between the two [ITSM and DevOps] are so different, that they are not compatible.”

In the IT industry, there are a lot of different opinions concerning ITSM and DevOps. Most of the time you choose one side – you are an ITIL or DevOps driven organization. The same applies to ‘new’ principles like Lean, SIAM, IT4IT and more. But watch out for this misconception!

Embrace both ITSM and DevOps

Don’t choose between IT Service Management and DevOps but embrace both disciplines for greater flexibility, agility, and control. The DevOps movement fits perfectly with ITSM. Our goal is to help you become conversant with ITSM and DevOps and aid you in recognizing the different disciplines in practice.


Adapting and aligning ITSM and Development and Operations can be hard. To ensure that you understand the implications and benefits, we believe the quickest and most effective way to adapt ‘the way of working’ and mindset is through experience. We therefore organize the Pre-NowForum, a seminar in combination with a business simulation. This event will be prior to the NowForum in Amsterdam, organized by ServiceNow. An opportunity to experience how ITSM and DevOps can accelerate your organization by working smarter and quicker, due to the use of ServiceNow. ServiceNow is ideally suited to facilitate ITSM and DevOps implementations and a DevOps way of working, by providing modules to support Agile development, IT Service Management and IT Operations Management.

The seminar will be about ITSM, which we connect with DevOps by the means of the DevOps business simulation. The DevOps business simulation ‘The Phoenix Project’ is originally developed by the Dutch business simulation developer GamingWorks, the game enables employees and teams to quickly grasp the fundamentals of DevOps. The simulation is inspired on the book ‘The Phoenix Project’. This novel is widely regarded as essential reading for those who want to understand and successfully deploy DevOps.

Jan Schilt, owner and director of GamingWorks: “Simulations are ideally suited to create awareness of behavioral and cultural patterns within organizations. In addition, simulations are helpful in gaining new knowledge and enhance the understanding of a subject in a way that is unattainable through training alone.”


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