Plat4mation featured in the Top 250 Scale-Ups 2021 in the Netherlands!

Utrecht, June 2, 2021 – Plat4mation has been awarded one of the Top 250 Scale-Ups 2021 in the Netherlands! Every year, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and NLgroeit compile this list together. NLgroeit is a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Nlevator, NL2025 and the Chamber of Commerce. Erasmus is a well-known Dutch University located in Rotterdam, with expertise in and a research focus on Economics and Management.

How did we make it to this list?

To be included in the Top 250 Scale-Ups, companies must achieve an average annual growth of at least 20% in FTE and/or turnover between December 2017 to December 2020. At the same time, they must be at least 10 FTE in size and/or have a turnover of at least 5 million euros at the start of the measurement period. All companies in the Top 250 Scale-Ups are registered in the Netherlands and have their headquarters in the country.

Find the complete top 250 here.


Top 250 Scale-Ups in the COVID-19 pandemic

The list shows that fast-growing companies are benefiting from accelerated changes in customer demand and relationships, especially in the field of digitalization as innovative revenue models were already implemented before the corona pandemic. Prof. dr. Justin Jansen, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Academic Director of Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship: “These companies are progressive in developing new solutions and also able to manage the high growth of their organization. They do this by continuously improving, accelerating and adapting the organization to future challenges.”

While vulnerable to crises, scale-ups can also be the quickest to recover from recessions and act as an engine for economic recovery. ”The 250 innovative companies represented in this report are the perfect examples of scale-ups as an engine for economic recovery. In total, these scale-ups have created about as many new jobs as the Top 250 Scale-ups before the pandemic,” said Martin Luxemburg, director of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship.


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