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In IT, working DevOps has become more or less inescapable. Because you simply cannot compete if you can only push changes once a quarter if your competitors do it 20 times a day!

Enterprise DevOps

With DevOps putting greater autonomy in teams, new challenges arise for DevOps at enterprise scale. Large enterprises are required to demonstrate control but need to safeguard the agility of their DevOps teams too. So how do you successfully combine agility and control without resorting to labor-intensive processes?

DevOps Governance platform

ServiceNow offers an Enterprise DevOps Governance platform fully integrated with CI/CD and other IT4IT applications to drastically reduce administrative load – enhancing both agility and developer satisfaction. Scaled Agile (portfolio) management ensures teams focus on what matters most to the organization. Cloud management capabilities ensure DevOps teams can quickly provision new infrastructure on budget, while full visibility over business service statuses and health will help you drive down incident resolution time.

Piece by piece

To successfully implement this solution, we start with building core ServiceNow flows like IT4IT Strategy to Portfolio and Requirement to Deploy for Development. Once in place, we connect a single CI/CD pipeline like Jenkins or Azure. The next step is scaling up, so we onboard more and more users and pipelines. For Operations, we basically do the same. We start with the core ServiceNow flows first, connect one team and then scale up.

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Discover our standard applications and integrations for the ServiceNow platform. Because our applications improve your business processes, you are able to work more efficiently. All of our applications are certified by ServiceNow for platform compatibility, security and performance.








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