Creating a tool with flexible requirements for ING

Blog Creating a tool with flexible requirements for ING

When even an out-of-the-box creation of a tool isn’t sufficient, you know you have a real challenge at hands.

This was exactly the case with ING. The Dutch bank needed a tool in which HR could easily onboard and offboard their international workforce. The problem: it was highly dependent on the outcome of negotiations. This meant the processes weren’t clear yet, so the requirements were to be formed along the way. ING wanted a solution with certain standards –  yet with no blueprint of how the tool would look like or would take shape. Obviously, ING knew this would be a big challenge. Plat4mation proved to be their partner in offering a flexible solution – while it was being developed.

Custom portal
There were some handles though: next to offboarding, the tool needed to be capable of dealing with new employment and redeployment. ING used an HR suite from ServiceNow, but wanted to expand and improve with a custom portal – in which HR could at least send automated, personalized messages to employees, assign cases and tasks and create to-do-lists.

While creating a tool without knowing the outcome is a challenge by itself, Plat4mation had to face other challenges and kept in mind the following:

  • ING needed to have the tool fast, as it needed to be ready at the end of the negotiations.
  • Because of the size of the organization, information was scattered.
  • Different ways of working throughout the company needed to be synchronized into one tool.

How we did it
Everyone at Plat4mation, as Triple Gold Partner of ServiceNow, follows ServiceNow’s best practices. But when you need something that deviates from even the most out-of-the-box solutions, you need to be flexible to customize even beyond. Plat4mation managed to create a solution that not only delivered that promise, but at the same time created something that remained true to how ServiceNow was working.

The most important part of solving problems of ING’s complexity, is by offering the right mindset in your method. For instance, we weren’t keen on simply building a solution to then possibly have issues. First, we discussed the case thoroughly, and then we created several prototypes and demos along the way. For this to work you need to speak each other’s language, and at the same time need to speak up when certain requirements are simply not viable.

Now there is a portal with everything in one place: HR can track issues, send and receive tailored messages and check timelines of processes. It is not only suited for their current on- and offboarding, but also for future HR use. All tasks with a specific pattern were automated (about 10 percent is still done manually) with scripted processes, cutting a lot of overhead costs and saving lots of time. No more manually filled in Excel sheets and no more handling on- and offboarding via email.

The solution also includes a portal for employees, guiding them through steps in specific processes. It’s just one example in which Plat4mation’s solution eased the life of ING’s HR team. The tool is now active in ING’s offices in Jakarta.

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