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Plat4mation is growing fast, together with clients and with the Trans4mers –  as the employees are called. The rapid growth is a big compliment to the work of the Trans4mers and the collaboration with these clients. But it also requires transfer of knowledge and the culture to deliver the same quality and services. This is where the 4Mation Academy comes in.

Utrecht, the Netherlands 13 December 2018 – Plat4mation is a fast growing company specialized in developing ServiceNow solutions for enterprises. While Plat4mation already has offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, the past year it also expanded to Germany and the United States. In addition, its sister company App4mation was launched. Another year with achievements to be proud of and another year with even more teammates to make this happen.

To help these new teammates, Plat4mation and App4mation (4Mation) organize a bi-annual 4Mation Academy where they can learn all the ins and outs of the company, the best practices, way(s) of working and the added value for clients. Breakout sessions are organized for different disciplines to help new teammates broaden their knowledge about different topics or to update and/or improve their skills. This way everyone can start with confidence at Plat4mation or App4mation!

This week the most recent 4Mation Academy took place. A three-day course to help the new teammates in the best way possible. Ramona Mendis, Service delivery Manager Plat4mation, comments on the 4Mation Academy: “The Academy helped me to understand everyday terms like DevOps, ITSM and CSM used here at Plat4mation in more detail and how it is currently being applied through various real-life client examples. It is also a great opportunity not only to learn but to contribute your ideas towards the future vision of the company. Best of all, you have fun learning by playing games like ‘3 lies and a truth’ to get to know your colleagues better!”

Ramona comments about what she learned: “From the more soft-skills trainings I learned about the company culture, its values, the importance of giving and receiving feedback and having a growth-mindset. From the more technical side I learned about the DevOps method of working, the differences between ITSM & CSM and about all the various Apps we offer. Everyone understands the various everyday terminology we use but these trainings help to make sure that we are all using the same definitions in our everyday work.”

Floris Slot, Platform Consultant Plat4mation, tells about his breakout experience: “There were many different breakout sessions for each discipline which made it interesting for everyone; topics ranged from application development to the foundation of agile working. I chose to attend application development, which was very interesting because it discussed some core fundamentals as well as best practices. Having these breakout sessions is important because they help you learn new skills and do things more efficiently. And I can already use the best practices that were discussed in a project that I am currently working on!”

4Mation took into account that people with different roles are joining the Academy. There is something organized for everyone, for example there is a functional and technical track. Arvid Waasdorp, Product Owner App4mation: “Having the possibility to take the training with my fellow ‘new joiners’ is awesome. Learning and sharing knowledge is utmost important. I build my first script and business rule in ServiceNow! I’m bit proud of that to be honest. The tracks focused on aligning everyone to the same level. I believe it’s absolutely important to have these different tracks for different roles! Speaking the same language (what is a script and how can you use it, what is ITOM, et cetera), sharing your knowledge is key to keep growing as an organization.”

Plat4mation and App4mation believe that they are at their best when the employees are. Working at this company means working with experts, care and growth programs, a dedicated focus on innovation and room to play and have fun. Are you interested or do you want to know more? Take a look at workingatplat4mation.com


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