COVID-19 Update: Our compass? Our core values!

The world is experiencing the profound impact of COVID-19 on society and the global economy. At Plat4mation, we are challenged to navigate these rough seas. Our focus for the coming period is clear: Healthy People and Healthy Business. Our compass through these difficult times? Our core values!


Fun and energetic

Our company philosophy is simple – fun and energy are the cornerstones of our company success. But without health, there is no fun and energy. To safeguard the health of our employees and our customers, we have implemented clear guidelines and advised employees to work from home. Our Business Continuity Plan is in full effect and our Public Health Response Team is actively monitoring the situation. They are in close contact with employees who are suddenly confronted with closed schools and daycare facilities or more serious circumstances.


Continuously learning

Situations like these are unprecedented. This means we need to learn quicker than ever before. We know we will make mistakes along the way. Providing feedback is a key ingredient to trigger new learnings. Therefore, we’d like to ask our employees, partners and customers the following: please provide us feedback or advice on where we should improve. Don’t hold back!


Customer minded

To maintain a healthy business, we will continue to honor all our customer commitments. Whether it is providing advice, delivering a project or providing support on your ServiceNow instance or one of our applications. We are fortunate that we’ve made significant investments in the past in advanced video conferencing technology (Zoom) and cloud-based collaboration services (Workplace, Confluence, Dropbox). All of our staff have the means to effectively communicate with our customers and with each other. Our customers can count on us!


The extra mile, the extra smile

In the words of one of our colleagues: “At the end of the day, well-operating individuals make well-operating teams which make well-operating companies which make a well-operating society.” We will continue to go the extra mile to deliver the extra smile to ensure we continue to add value for our customers and society as a whole.


Growing together

These challenging times require new behaviors, roles, processes and technologies. You can count on us to be at the forefront of these developments. We are fully committed to the success of our clients and are – as always – open to discuss and explore new ways of doing business.


Make the world a better place

Unfortunately, we are not a company that will directly contribute to a cure for COVID-19, nor provide humanitarian relief. But we are very good in solving complex business challenges by implementing workflow solutions on the ServiceNow platform.

With ServiceNow providing 4 free community applications that will help organizations and governments through this pandemic, we would like to offer the associated implementation services, of which any profits will be donated to a COVID-19 related charity. Please contact us in case you would like to learn more (conditions apply!).

More information about the applications can be found here.

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