Lamb Weston launches with their new IT Services portal

Blog Lamb Weston launches with their new IT Services portal

Lamb Weston launches with their new IT Services portal

After launching their external websites in the new Lamb Weston corporate style, Lamb Weston also launched their new IT portal based on ServiceNow replacing an old legacy IT portal.

Plat4mation developed this new portal within the ServiceNow’s content management system.

lwm_portal_homeThis project was focused on delivering a user-friendly and intuitive self service portal completely inline with the new company brand. An important factor for success is the fact that Lamb Weston has already automated a large part of their IT Service offerings using ServiceNow’s workflows and orchestration capabilities.

With this new portal they are enabling employees to have a complete transparent and fast IT service delivery experience.


lwm_portal_catalogAfter the first initial workshop discussing the standard platform functionalities, the technical build was completed within 10 days by Plat4mation platform consultants. This short time to deliver was a result of strong web development skills and adhering to web standards.

The new portal went through a series of user tests and was finally transferred to the production system.


lwm_cakeOf course the traditional go-live cake to celebrate!


About Lamb Weston

At Lamb Weston / Meijer we are always moving forward with inventive solutions for improving our customers’ business. And understanding that inventive thinking is driven by empowering the collective imagination that exists in the organization. “Seeing possibilities in potatoes” captures what we do every day.

As a global player, with more than 90 years’ of experience, consistent quality and innovation, we have grown to be one of the world’s leading companies in potato solutions to restaurants and consumers, Thanks to the 7,400 people Lamb Weston employs worldwide, we are able to bring potato products and services to people in more than 110 countries.

About Plat4mation

Plat4mation is a technology company that strongly believes in the transformational benefits that the ServiceNow platform can bring to clients. They have a proven track record to build and implement powerful ServiceNow Apps in days or weeks, rather than months or years. Their solutions enable business processes both within and far beyond the traditional boundaries of IT. Examples are Apps for FM Room reservation, Google Maps integration, factory security incidents, HR re-organization projects, signatures upon receipts of IT assets and many more.

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