Plat4mation launches new brand identity at Now at Work 2019

plat4mation brand identity - Elmer in Confetti

Utrecht (NL) – November 19, 2019 – Plat4mation, the boutique Elite ServiceNow Partner in world-class consultancy services and applications for the ServiceNow platform announced, during Now at Work, its new corporate brand identity, logo and website. These changes come at a time when the company is evolving its service offerings.

“We are driven to realize people’s full potential in their work by making the difference in their IT, employee, and customer workflow experiences. We do this by providing a flawless experience utilizing Plat4mation’s extensive expertise,” said Elmer de Valk, CEO of Plat4mation. “Our new website and brand identity better reflect our market-leading position and demonstrates the flawless flow experience we bring to our customers.”

Giving people a great flow experience in their work empowers them to be at their best for their customers. Plat4mation lives and breathes this mission which needed to be portrayed in the overall branding. A new logo is designed to evoke a modern, clean, professional and innovative look and feel. The upward pointing strong lines of our well known “4” in the logo, centered in the softer circle, signify upward movement, speed and going the extra mile. It stands for driving change and bringing true value in people’s workflows. The circle represents a globe, emphasizing our global presence. But it also stands for a virtuous circle of continuous learning and growing. Plat4mation invests in its people, because when you empower people to develop and improve their skills, the company can provide better service to customers, enabling its service offering to evolve too. Ultimately, it’s the people that set the company apart. The bright red color embodies decisiveness and a personal, people approach – something which it’s renown for in the market. Because people are at the heart of everything they do. “Our new brand identity matches who we are: innovative, bringing true value in flow experiences, our global reach and making a difference,” mentions Elmer de Valk.

Part of the new branding is the newly, redesigned website. The site portrays a new look and feel connecting with their flow experience approach for employees. It better highlights the offerings of their strategic services and their strength in delivering diverse custom applications. The website will be further improved bringing a true journey in people’s IT, employee and customer workflow experience. So, there is more to come.


About Plat4mation

Based in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA and India, Plat4mation is an Elite ServiceNow Partner dedicated to delivering world-class products and services for the ServiceNow platform. We are driven to realize maximum value in the IT, employee, and customer workflow experiences for each one of our customers. We do this by providing a flawless customer experience utilizing Plat4mation’s extensive expertise. We assist customers all over the world to unleash the potential of ServiceNow to accomplish their digital transformation objectives.

Since the Plat4mation inception in 2013, we have grown to more than 200 employees globally, and we are still growing strong. Plat4mation has been successful by delivering award-winning ServiceNow applications that offer unique user and flow experiences.

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