5 Ways ServiceNow Facility Management transforms facility services

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With corporate offices having lost their monopoly position as the obvious choice to work, the competition is on for the workplace of choice. Based on the task at hand, employees will choose their favorite workplace. This means the corporate office must transform to an inspiring place to work with great service. Learn in what ways ServiceNow can support Facility Management professionals to provide a true hospitality experience.


1. Data-based facility management

Workplace and facilities teams handle a large amount of repetitive and basic tasks. The
resolution of these tasks is often not aligned to specific employee needs.

To align your services to employee needs, you need data. With the right data, you can make the right decisions. Collect this data using smart technologies like sensors that detect a messy meeting room or a discoloration in a floor suggesting spilled coffee. Combine that with the use of ServiceNow Connected Operations and you can transform these observations into actions.

The next step is workflow automation, with a little help from employees. For example, an employee spots a puddle of water near the coffee machine and raises an issue via his/her mobile. At the same time, ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence kicks in and auto-creates tasks for the coffee machine maintenance team and cleaning company via Natural Language Processing (NLP).


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2. Gain new insights to optimize facility services

Traditional facility management is often based on periodic routines and lacks workload visibility to optimize services to actual needs. Not with ServiceNow! ServiceNow Facility Management provides managers insights, trends and predictions in workplace services, workload, requests, assets and issues.

These insights help facility managers to optimize space utilization and makes room for a more flexible service offering. Without these insights, adapting to the changing requirements of a hybrid working place is a guessing game!


servicenow facility management dashboard provides insights



3. A single source of truth for facilities

ServiceNow provides an Enterprise Service Management solution with a single platform and cross-functional employee service delivery workflows for Facility, HR, IT, legal and workplace services. No matter what service an employee needs, they go to a single (self-service) web portal or app.

ServiceNow Facility Management also automates workplace requests or tasks across multiple departments. All from a single interface.

Let’s say an employee wants to reserve a meeting room. S/he may need to arrange specific AV equipment, visitor badges, catering and a different room layout. This can all be requested via a single form. With the Workplace Service Delivery product, employees can forward tasks to IT, the reception desk, canteen, and workplace teams in just one click. On the other end, facility managers can deliver on a single request in one smooth flow.



ServiceNow Facility Management provides a single platform on mobile/desktop


4. Facility Managers become Hospitality Managers

The corporate office is no longer the workplace of choice. Instead, it will become a meeting place, competing with home offices, flexi-working spaces and even local cafes. For facility management, this means you need to take a more holistic approach.

Time to introduce the Hospitality Manager, who’s responsible for the entire employee, visitor and customer experience. There’s lots to gain with this role regarding optimization of workplace types, appearance, catering and service.

With ServiceNow, the Hospitality Manager can combine requests and issues from facility management, HR, IT, legal, and workplace services into an integrated view. Defining optimal user journeys will help reduce siloed solutions.


5. It’s all about the Hospitality Experience

All of the above has one greater cause: optimize the Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX) and guest management.

Employees struggle with multi-dimensional activities and time-consuming tasks like organizing events and conferences, reserving meeting rooms and parking spaces and registering visitors.

ServiceNow Facility Management optimizes these processes and helps people get the work done faster.

For example, when a visitor enters the parking garage, a notification is sent to the reception, the host is automatically notified via mail or a text, and the visitor badge is printed. In other words, it enables employees to provide visitors a warm welcome without the hassle of having to make a ton of arrangements as this is all done automatically.


Next steps to get you started

Did you like what you just read? Then we’ve defined five practical steps to get you started with all that we mentioned above:

  1. Define the goal you wish to achieve.
  2. Research current pain points. Dream big and smart small.
  3. Define personas, including their dreams, problems and roles.
  4. Create user journeys to discover bottlenecks and improvements.
  5. Implement and measure those improvements that provide the most value.

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