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A Beginner’s Guide to ServiceNow Application Development

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ServiceNow Application Development—aka App Engine or Creator Workflows—is still a relatively unknown platform feature. Most people know ServiceNow as an IT Service Management solution. A shame though, because the low-code/no-code nature of the platform is one of its (many) fortes! That’s why we have put together a simple guide that will help you learn more about this awesome platform capability.

What is ServiceNow Application Development and how does it work?

As a platform, ServiceNow has a lot of potential. ServiceNow Application Development allows you to create custom applications that are tailored according to your preferences and needs. Let’s say, you need a delivery and order tracking app, but ServiceNow’s modules are too complex for your needs. Then, you simply create a custom app tailored to your exact needs, which automatically integrates seamlessly with other ServiceNow modules.

When should you consider using ServiceNow Application Development?

There are several reasons to consider using ServiceNow Application Development, such as: 

  • When you’re dealing with a semi-digital process, it’s difficult to keep track of processes and information. ServiceNow Application Development enables you to simplify process tracking by creating custom apps that connect to other modules, boosting workplace efficiency. For some fine examples, check the 5 most innovative ServiceNow apps we ever built. 
  • When a process is extensive and contains numerous steps, ServiceNow can reduce the time required by automating it. Moreover, ServiceNow Application Development automates processes that are unique to your business.  
  • If your business lacks transparency and there are little to no insights into processes; then custom apps can help gain insight into any process, increasing efficiency and productivity.

How extensive is ServiceNow Application Development?

Application Development on the ServiceNow platform has very little boundaries—basically anything is possible. Only if the out-of-the-box ServiceNow solutions (like HR Service Delivery, IT Service Management, Security Operations, etc.) and the apps in the ServiceNow Store are no match to your business process or you need a much simpler workflow, ServiceNow application development is the way to go.  

Even for really big business challenges, e.g. increasing production line efficiency in factories, ServiceNow application development can rise up to the task.

How long does it take to create a ServiceNow application?

Creating an application with ServiceNow is simple, as it is a low-code platform. Thanks to all the pre-built features in ServiceNow App Engine, developers can create apps in a matter of minutes, if you know your way around App Engine of course. Building an application from scratch usually takes a few weeks.

How frequently is ServiceNow updated? What happens after the update?

Every six months ServiceNow is updated, and new features are added. The updates, such as the Utah release, should have minimal impact on custom applications. If they do impact your custom application, this means the ServiceNow partner that built the application for you hasn’t delivered a good job!

What makes Plat4mation a top choice for ServiceNow Application Development?

  • We are fast. We can develop new applications quickly by reusing existing components. Instead of starting from scratch, we modify and tweak existing applications to create something new in minutes or a few days. 
  • When creating an application, we think long-term. We make sure it works well with other apps. After all, no one likes calling customer service every time a new update causes a bug.  
  • When it comes to our applications, we guarantee high quality. During the developmental stages, we involve specialists, consultants, and architects for quality assurance and follow the best practices 
  • Whether you want to create the application yourself or leave the whole process to us, we’re flexible when it comes to finding a solution that works for you!

What can I expect when I partner with Plat4mation on ServiceNow Application Development?

With ServiceNow, the possibilities are endless. But remember the golden rule: if it does not exist yet, you can create it. Here are a few tips for the new users: 

  1. Internally align with your team regarding the expectations and needs at the start of the process. 
  2. If you choose to work with us, we need your time as it is an iterative process. 
  3. We highly recommend signing up for a Citizen Development program to ensure you set up the right governance around custom application development.
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