Connect and control your (interactive) narrowcasting technology via ServiceNow

Most organizations have (interactive) narrowcasting technology in their offices. But the problem is that the software is often outdated and can only be controlled via a single point solution. But that now belongs to the past! We have built a link between ServiceNow and AppSpace, a common digital signage platform, enabling you to control your narrowcasting technology via ServiceNow and display content more dynamically on all sorts of narrowcasting devices. 


Ease of use

The added value that we deliver with linking AppSpace and ServiceNow? User-friendliness. Thanks to our prefabricated AppSpace cards, facility staff or communication departments can easily display ServiceNow data on any screen in the office. These prefabricated – though customisable – digital signage cards only need to be filled with data via ServiceNow tables. Users also don’t notice a thing from the link to ServiceNow, since they can continue working from the AppSpace interface.


Push & pull messages

Though narrowcasting usually pulls information from a source, our link also enables you to push information to the screens. For example, when the fire alarm goes off, you can let screens flash or display an emergency message to guide people into the right direction. And you can even include sound!


Display powerful content

Our preset cards are designed in such a way that you always adhere to best practices. There are quite some pitfalls when it comes to designing narrowcasting content. A common mistake is to use a font that is too small to read. When you design the content, you normally sit just inches away from your screen. But it’s quite different when your audience views the content from yards away. Using too many words is another one of those pitfalls. When you communicate information that people need to read or remember (e.g. in marketing), it is best to adhere to the 3 x 5 rule. Use no more than three text lines with five words per line. You may reverse the rule too. Use five text lines with three words per line. This ensures that your message is clear and concise at all times. Next to text, layout is equally important. Too often, we see randomly added images and text. When you design a template first or use a preset template, you always create powerful and consistent content. A template usually includes brand color schemes and imagery, and divides screens into standard sections that you can fill with different elements each time.

All of our preset cards make sure you avoid the pitfalls mentioned above. Below, we have put together some examples of our preset AppSpace cards. But keep in mind that the possibilities are endless! You or we can design anything you need.


  • Meeting room overview
    Let employees quickly find a space to meet via a real-time room availability screen.

Narrowcasting technology via ServiceNow_Meeting room overview

  • Sales Competition
    Stimulate some healthy competition with a real-time Sales Leaderboard.

  • Reception Desk
    Inform visitors who they are meeting, including a picture to make sure they recognize their host.


  • Event Information
    Use a slider to promote upcoming events to visitors and/or employees.

  • Brand Story Screen
    Display a brand message in your office(s) to promote your brand internally.

Narrowcasting via ServiceNow_Brand story screen


If you’re interested in controlling your narrowcasting technology via ServiceNow, please contact Arvid Waasdorp (contact details above), or fill in our contact form here.

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