How Swiss Re has streamlined facilities management

How Swiss Re has streamlined facilities management

Facilities services are often managed via a combination of email, spreadsheets, and legacy software systems like Lotus Notes, making it difficult to manage room reservations or track the utilization. But what if you free your employees from reactive, day‑to‑day operations, and keeping track of reservations through email?

One global Room Booking System
Swiss Re is a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. With 60 offices around the world, Facilities Management experienced difficulties to keep track of all the room reservations, including the possibility of ordering catering and IT or AV support. We have replaced disparate communication and manual workflows with structured and automated processes that speed service fulfillment and reduce human error.

Employees get back valuable time so they can focus on what matters to them and what they are good at. They can now make room reservations at over 800 meeting rooms globally via the ServiceNow portal, mobile phone or via Outlook. Amenities like catering can be ordered directly via their devices and these meetings are synchronized with their Outlook agenda. Swiss Re Facilities Management now has one global system for booking rooms and ordering amenities including insights with reports and dashboards concerning room utilization.

Rooms4U mobile app.
Rooms4U mobile app

Conference call integration
What if you don’t meet in person but still need a room to prevent bothering your colleagues? In the same room booking system employees can schedule a conference call, which makes it even more efficient. Voice, video and screen sharing in a room that is reserved for you. No more frustrations about double booked rooms or too many steps to make a reservation, even globally. Everything in one system of action, ServiceNow, due to the Rooms4U application.





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