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Today is the launch of the ServiceNow Jakarta release with a new onboarding process

Blog Launch ServiceNow Jakarta release

The Jakarta release includes 7 new applications and over 30 major enhancements that drive:

  • Performance and user experience
  • Expanded capabilities for Customer Service, HR and Security
  • Intelligence, Cloud Management and Software Asset Management innovations for IT

I am going to tell you more about the new onboarding process. Because onboarding is an essential part of the investment in a new employee, as they bring a lot of new knowledge and a new broad social network. So, do you want to impress the new employee or not?

But onboarding is a complicated process with a lot of collaboration between different teams and persons. The contracts and laptop, OK, yes they might be available on the first day. But what about all access rights, access badge etc. While these things create the new colleague’s first impression and as said “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

One of the most important trends in the onboarding process is ‘The digital onboarding’. The digital onboarding already starts with the pre-hiring where information is needed from the new employee. Contracts needs to be signed and from this point on, a new hire will have ‘the first day’ with all needed activities to the first month and onwards.
In your personal life, it is very common to have overviews of all activity streams for ordering a book, clothes or when renewing your energy contract. Why not do the same for this work-related process? How effective would it be if everyone and all departments involved, would be informed and knows how to act at the right time? This all is possible with the new release of the Jakarta ServiceNow.

With the new release, it is possible to implement this process from the HR Module with a Lifecycle Event. The onboarding process will be a lifecycle event and accordingly, you can define all Activity Sets like ‘Pre-Hire’ or a ‘1-day’. In these sets, you can configure the items for HR, Legal, Facilities, IT but also for the manager or the New Hire. The New Hire will have access to the portal, can track her own progress and have defined tasks like Signing a contract or other legal document. A manager can do the full request of all needed equipment, gives all approvals on time so the IT and Facility department can deliver all items on time.
In the meantime, HR has full control over the process, is constantly informed and doesn’t have to make phone calls to check if things are taken care of.

With this new functionality, you are in control and it makes your process more efficient and effective. Your new employee will be impressed with this fluent process and can start doing her work on day one! Do you want to know more about this process, or share ideas about onboarding or off boarding? Please let us know.

ServiceNow Jakarta release





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