Let your infrastructure blossom using Kubernetes and ServiceNow

Blog Let your infrastructure Blossom using Kubernetes and ServiceNow

What if infrastructure would be a complete commodity, like water running out of the tap. You don’t care how it works, as long as when you open the tab, fresh and healthy water comes out to replenish your thirst. You want to pay a stable and low price, without bothering which exact well the water came from.

This is where Kubernetes comes in. An infrastructure concept where you define the quantity of what you want (how far you open the tab) and the system ensures the right amount and quality of infrastructure resources are provisioned. Should a component fail, the system automatically de-provisions and spins up a new one.

From an IT Operations perspective, this beautiful concept comes with the challenge that you need to redefine how you control and monitor this fresh and healthy infrastructure. To meet this challenge we worked together with Mission Critical IT Provider Schuberg Philis, where we investigated possibilities of the Kingston release during a 3 -day hackathon. The most interesting outcomes are listed below.

  • We defined a 4 layer representation model that we build in ServiceNow CMDB.
  • We created a re-usable API that extracts CMDB information (CI’s and their relation).
  • We managed to connect to monitoring systems to monitor the health of critical components within the Kubernetes system.
  • Most importantly, we were able to create dependeny views that show as beautiful blossoms to reflect the beauty of this new infrastructure.

Now that the ServiceNow London release is out, it is great to see that the world most innovative platform (according to Forbes) also provides Out-of-the-box support for the latest infrastructural innovations. Want to know more about how to get Kubernetes data into your CMDB, please reach out to us.

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