Lower the impact on first-line health care professionals with ServiceNow Virtual Agent during the COVID-19 pandemic

First-line health care professionals are overwhelmed with the amount of questions they receive about COVID-19 by phone. Generally speaking, these calls are not urgent. However, it takes first-line care workers 15 to 45 minutes on average to determine if a case is urgent – putting pressure on resources and increasing waiting times exponentially. Plus, first-line health care professionals have less time to spend on actual urgent cases. We have the solution to this problem: ServiceNow Virtual Agent tailored to COVID-19.


Automated first-line care with Virtual Agent

The questions asked by first-line health care professionals are based on pre-defined question trees, also known as Triage Protocols. This allows them to determine how urgent the patient’s situation is and guides them in diagnosing the patient. Utilizing ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) portal in combination with Virtual Agent, you can adopt any Triage Protocol you like. It will prompt questions and automatically provide patients with sources or knowledge for self-service. Cases that require immediate attention will be forwarded to a physician to establish direct contact. For the sake of speed, we have built a model that enables us to adopt any triage protocol in a matter of hours.


ServiceNow Virtual Agent - Healthcare - Covid 19


Auto-monitoring of potential patients

A potential patient navigating through the questions will eventually receive medical advice, but s/he can also opt for a call-back from a physician too. The physician can plan these call-backs during quiet periods. Patients can also choose for auto-monitoring via mail or chat. They will then be provided with automated follow-up communication to monitor their individual situation. If the situation worsens, a phone call is automatically initiated, or a doctor is notified.


ServiceNow Virtual Agent - Healthcare - Covid 19 (2)


Self-learning technology

All answers are logged based on the provided information from cases. These can be reviewed and if required, be followed-up by a doctor. Through Machine Learning, we can continuously improve accuracy of the answers presented to (potential) patients to keep improving automated first-line health care.



Virtual Agent is mobile-enabled, which means patients can access the application from their mobile devices. Not only will this improve the patient experience, it is also handy for health care professionals who are constantly on the move.



Improve health care

Supporting first-line health care professionals with Virtual Agent brings along many benefits. But all with one goal: improve the health care service experience. The benefits are:


  • Flattened peak times
  • Faster response
  • Improved care experience due to follow-up
  • Shorter waiting times
  • Easier access to information via self-service
  • Single point of access to service


Request a demo!

If you are interested to see the ServiceNow Virtual Agent tailored to COVID-19 in action, do contact us for a demo. Note: we can deploy the Virtual Agent in only a few days’ time!



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