Our top 5 most innovative ServiceNow hackathon ideas

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ServiceNow Hackathon 2019

Tomorrow, the biggest ServiceNow hackathon in the world will begin. It is the place where ideas and innovations become reality and we strengthen the bonds between colleagues and customers. Last month, we have been sharing a hackathon innovation idea with you via social media each week. But for those of you who missed it, here is our top 5 most innovative hackathon ideas.

Ticket cost and effort indication for ITSM

Predict ticket costs and effort for ServiceNow ITSM via Machine Learning. By switching from reactive to proactive cost management, you will be able to better allocate resources and prioritize tickets. The Machine Learning component will help you prevent failures and save costs. Once developed, you can apply the same principle to other ServiceNow business processes.

Battle security threats by tracking and analyzing user behavior

Via User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) and Predictive (Agent) Intelligence, this application aims to provide advanced Security Monitoring across ServiceNow. It detects patters of human behavior and then applies algorithms and statistical analysis to detect meaningful anomalies. These anomalies indicate potential threats, like:

  • Multiple failed login attempts
  • Working at unusual times or dates
  • Activities performed by terminated users
  • Unusual data export and deletion activities

Flow@Work Exclusive

Auto traffic accident notification to nearest hospital

Via vehicle sensors, the nearest hospital is notified when a vehicle gets involved in a traffic accident. The notification includes preliminary accident/patient details like crash impact and location, the patient’s blood group, license plate number, etc. This allows the ambulance and hospital to prepare for the necessary medical facilities in advance.

Maximize the utilization and user experience of connected fleets

This integration/application enables enterprises to easily monitor, locate and control connected fleet vehicles via the ServiceNow platform and mobile devices. But that’s not all. It aims to provide users the ultimate experience. For example, you can make sure the car is sufficiently charged/fueled to reach their destination and the inside temperature is as specified.

Connect and control your narrowcasting technology

Many companies have (interactive) narrowcasting technology in their offices. But the problem is that the software is often outdated and can only be controlled via a point solution. But that will soon belong to the past. By building a link between ServiceNow and AppSpace, a common digital signage platform, you will be able to control your narrowcasting technology via ServiceNow. You can display content more dynamically on all sorts of narrowcasting devices. Read more about this innovation here.



If you’re interested in any of these ServiceNow hackathon innovations, do let us know! We’d be more than happy to hear your thoughts and share some more information about the innovations. You may contact Luc Raeskin (contact details above), or hit the Contact button below.