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Workshops to extract the most valuable use cases for Enterprise Innovation Management - Training

We deliver top-class advisory and implementation services to customers. To maintain this high standard, we need to keep our technical knowledge and consultancy skills up-to-date. That is why we follow training. But we don’t stop there. From a true passion for learning, we also provide training courses. Because as a trainer, you are under constant scrutiny of your students, allowing you to keep improving yourself. That is why multiple Plat4mation colleagues are certified ServiceNow Trainers, including me, Vincent Loffeld. We provide training to our customers and colleagues, but also to ServiceNow customers and colleagues.

Within the world of ServiceNow, our trainers are renowned for their extensive knowledge about specific domains, like Performance Analytics, ITOM, Service Portal and ITSM. How come? Our trainers are consultants too, taking experiences from the work field straight into their training. This is highly beneficial for their knowledge and skills. And ultimately, it’s our customers that benefit from our expertise – which is what matters most!

End-to-end Implementation Service

Because we have certified ServiceNow trainers in-house, we can offer customers an attractive and complete implementation service – including training. We’re not just merely a technical implementation partner, but much more than that. We guide the customer through the whole adoption phase, allowing us to provide additional tips and tricks on how to best utilize the platform and embed it in the organization.

4Mation Academy
Having certified ServiceNow trainers in-house means we can educate new employees ourselves. We do this through our 4Mation Academy, which helps us to maintain our high knowledge standard and ensures we deliver high-quality advisory services and implementations.

Every new consultant follows a 3-day Introduction training. During day one, called Functional Track, we educate them on our implementation approach. They learn what tasks are involved, what you need to prepare, how to lead a workshop, how to create a workshop deck, etc. Day two focuses on the technical side, called Technical Track. During this day, they learn our best practices, what our coding standards, business rules and scripting rules are and how to go about these. Basically, they learn how to prepare the configuration as a ready-to-go package, fit for reuse. Day three consists of Break-out Sessions. These are specific training sessions, tailored to each role.

Besides technical training, the 4Mation Academy also provides Soft Skill training to employees 6 to 8 times a year, in which we primarily focus on consultancy skills. Subjects like leadership, risk and project management are covered, as well as putting the customer first, planning and how to introduce yourself.

ServiceNow Learning Path
ServiceNow maintains a strict learning path as well, because they strongly believe that training contributes to a successful implementation. We couldn’t agree more! To become a ServiceNow specialist, you need to pass several exams. And after every new release, which is twice a year, you need to pass the relevant exam for your expertise area, to get acquainted with the new features. This is strict, but necessary to stand out from the crowd regarding service delivery quality.

A Passionate Bunch
The 4Mation Academy, our skilled two-in-one Platform Consultants and Trainers and ServiceNow’s Learning Path all give away who we really are: a passionate bunch of people with a love for learning!


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