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Why Workplace as a Service is defining facility services

As working from home has become the new imperative, the need for digitalization is most certainly the understatement of 2020. There simply is no other option than digital. But, what we see is that companies who are truly reaping the benefits of going digital, are those that are going beyond digital and looking into workplace-related needs from the point of view of the employee experience.

New trend: Workplace as a Service

Before COVID, facility management typically was responsible for everything to do with our physical workplace. But now that this workplace has moved to the kitchen table, it is essential to redefine facility management into workplace services (aka Workplace as a Service).

Even, as is to be expected, we slowly move back to the office, the way we interact with the office, colleagues and our workplace has fundamentally changed. And now that we’ve debunked the myth that distributed working has a negative effect on performance, employee experience has become paramount.

This past year the importance of digitalization, including its processes and structures, has become blatantly obvious. At the same time, more than ever before, it is clear that a company is nothing without its employees. It’s not just about going digital. At the end of the day, it’s the people and their user experience that are making the difference.

Facility Management Trends and Innovations of 2021, including Workplace as a Service

Automate the routine, humanize the big and valuable

Intelligent, cross-functional mobile-first solutions that have become an inherent part of our consumer experience are the way to go for offering workplace services. Such seamless employee experiences will empower and engage, enabling your people to deliver value.

Importantly, if such a solution standardizes and automates workflows that are repetitive or mundane, employees will be enabled to focus on the activities that are motivating and add most value to your organization. Moreover, acknowledging what matters and makes our work meaningful will help make employees feel heard and understood. In this way, we can humanize digital workplace services and solutions.

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