MeetNow: the smart meeting room booking app for ServiceNow

Quickly find & book meeting rooms

MeetNow is the meeting room booking app that complements ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery by helping your employees to quickly find and book free meeting rooms. Thanks to its integration with ServiceNow and existing scheduling devices, MeetNow helps facility management to synchronize workplace services, IT and HR through one delivery interface.

Available as Android app when you already have the hardware or a wall-mount tablet including mobile app, MeetNow boosts the employee experience by offering a true consumer-grade experience.

Enhance the employee experience

Want to put an end to all the arguments between employees over who booked a space first? Or battle all the time lost fighting over booked rooms? If the answer is yes, then MeetNow is your answer! Our smart room booking app takes away exactly those frustrations by enhancing the room reservation process.

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MeetNow enhances employee experience

Intuitive meeting room reservations

MeetNow allows employees to efficiently manage their meeting room reservation(s). They don’t have to wander around and walk up to every room device to check meeting room availability. They see the meeting room status from afar due to the smart red/green UI design. And, they can reserve the meeting room on the spot. Convenient for impromptu meetings.

When they already have reserved a room via e.g. Outlook, they check in for the meeting via the device. If they don’t, the reservation will automatically be cancelled, freeing the space up for others. For facility managers, this means they can combat inefficient use of valuable office space.

Discover MeetNow’s fortes

  • Instantly see which space is available
  • Avoid double booking issues thanks to an on-screen calendar
  • Clear room status indication (available, out of order, clean, occupied, etc.)
  • Track and act upon meeting space usage patterns
  • Configure which meeting services are available for ordering on the spot
  • Easily report issues like a broken chair or monito, which is then automatically forwarded to the responsible workplace services team
  • Allow employees to schedule impromptu meetings (and track these)
  • Stop a meeting early and it frees up (green light) for others
  • Customizable UI with consumer-grade experience
MeetNow Device close-up

Availability screen for DeskDevice

Introducing DeskDevice

Our DeskDevice offers the easiest way to reserve office spaces like desks and other small workspaces. It also displays the availability for the space with current status (red = occupied , green = vacant). Check out some of its features:

  • See the upcoming booking of a desk
  • Reserve a desk with an adhoc meeting
  • Start or end a meeting 15 minutes early with a simple click.
  • Easy configuration of the MeetNow application (instance, credentials, location)
  • Offers centralized management with remote configuration and customization options.

Easily report on the way meeting rooms are used

Because MeetNow is integrated with ServiceNow, facility managers can track and act upon data collected from usage patterns of meeting space. For example, they can check the number of planned reservations that ended up in no-shows or view the % of time that a space has been actually occupied. With this information, they can start optimizing spaces. In combination with sensors, facility managers can even monitor the average number of people occupying the room.

MeetNow: Start impromptu meeting

MeetNow enables employees to…

  • Instantly view meeting room availability (from a distance)
  • Check meeting status, progress and calendar
  • Cancel, extend or stop meetings earlier
  • Schedule impromptu meetings
  • Order catering or report an issue

So, MeetNow helps facilities to…

  1. Battle inefficient use of space and gain insights in how to optimize space utilization
  2. Stop wasting unused assets/space by pinpointing where the waste takes place
  3. Enhance service levels with easy requesting of support or services
  4. Bring a consumer-grade room booking and services experience to the workplace
  5. Contribute to elevating the employee experience and workforce productivity
  6. Free up meeting room space when people don’t show up
  7. Clarify delivery time of ordered meeting services
  8. Communicate what meeting amenities and services are available for specific rooms in real-time
Meeting room

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