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As human beings, we’re almost naturally resistant to change—and the same goes for ServiceNow adoption. Whenever we encounter the prospect of far reaching adaptations to our lives, we would rather just skip them and leave everything as it is, even if that would not contribute to our well-being in the long run.

Especially when confronted with changes in our professional domain, the status quo almost always seems preferable to bold new visions. However, change is necessary. Organizations need to adapt to the demands of their times. This often means departments, functions and processes need to be refreshed. Plans are laid, ambitious goals are set and change programs are set in motion to enable the adoption of ServiceNow.

This usually is where difficulties begin to surface. Too often, a top down, forced approach to ServiceNow adoption is chosen, and the results do not meet targets, not in the least because it is unclear what the yield of these changes is. To get ways of working and organizational culture from A to B, insight, clarity, a clear definition of the scope and measurability of the results of organizational changes are necessary to steer effectively

The 4 pillars of data-driven ServiceNow adoption Management
Any ServiceNow adoption starts with clarity. The attitude leadership has is essential to this: management must set the path for the rest of the organization. They do not only have to show their commitment to change, but also offer employees a crystal-clear roadmap of what is expected of them. They will have to foster a culture that is driven by results, encourage ownership and show that management will not force change based on an immutable plan. The roadmap or strategic plan for change is very detailed; every employee will need to know what his/her role will be, what team s/he belongs to and what is expected of him/her. This leads to trust.

The four pillar approach by Plat4mation focuses on Strategy, Training, Culture and Business value. The data-driven aspect on top of the four pillars provides the overview and makes change steerable.


Once the whole organization supports the transformation, people should be enabled to refine their knowledge and skills and receive training. In that way, they will meet the current and future demands of their jobs. This is done according to the strategy developed in close collaboration with the client. We often see that this is undervalued or kept within a select group of people, not providing clear guidance to employees affected by the change. This approach breeds discontent and insecurity. It sets a downward spiral in motion that stifles growth and innovation, both on an individual as well as an organizational level.

Training isn’t about sitting in a damp room, digesting a theory about one subject or another. Training should be a strategic mix of knowledge, explaining where the organization is moving towards and enabling people to continuously learn from each other. For example, at one of our clients a “knowledge (coffee) bar” was created where employees could discuss topics that are relevant to them over a cup of coffee. Training is as much about providing the right environment as it is about acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Most importantly, ServiceNow adoption is about changing culture. How do strategic goals, training and actual business value align throughout the program? Ultimately, the goal is to create a culture that fosters growth, autonomy and job satisfaction. You can only reach this if organizational change is guided and driven by a clear vision with measurable business goals. Frequently sharing successes when business goals have been achieved is also very important.

Plat4mation’s data-driven ServiceNow adoption approach provides targeted, metric-based advice using actual data from ServiceNow. As a result, quick wins quickly become visible and actions for steering change are defined and executed. Less time is spent on analysis, allowing you to focus on areas that matter most.

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