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We are an Elite ServiceNow implementation partner who has performed over 1K of Now platform implementations that deliver maximum value, immediate results and a better user experience for ServiceNow customers around the globe.

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What we do

ServiceNow implementations

Implementation of all things ServiceNow is our core business. We make it our mission to be the most knowledgeable, efficient and strategic ServiceNow implementation partner. Whether it’s one module, a combination of several, a full-fledged solution or a re-implementation of the platform to start fresh. That doesn’t matter. We have a refined approach and a well-reputable methodology to leave you with quick results, out-of-box best practices and low technical debt.

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Why we’re different

Implementing ServiceNow is what we do, so we know how to do it well. As a result of >1K deployments, we have a well-refined methodology of implementing ServiceNow modules.

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Speed & efficiency

Library4U, a proprietary application we built ourselves, allows us to easily apply our proven methodology, knowledge and best practices to every project. This saves precious time and allows our consultants to spend their time on delivering value instead of reinventing the wheel.

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Tailored approach

We are a boutique ServiceNow implementation partner. This means we take the time to understand your end-goals and craft a best-approach plan to get you there.

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Technical knowhow

As a pure-play ServiceNow implementation partner, we’ve build up extensive technical knowhow over the years. Far more than our competitors. It enables us to shorten implementation timelines and deliver a higher quality implementation.

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Always on time & budget

There’s a reason why our customers keep coming back for more projects. Check out our partner profile (and our 4.03 CSAT rating) here to learn more.

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Our awards

We’re proud to have been acknowledged for our ServiceNow expertise, CSR efforts and company growth. Click to learn more about each award.



How long does a ServiceNow implementation take?

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With each organization being unique, there’s no general answer to this question. The implementation track is influenced by organizational complexity, size, and collaboration.

For each implementation, we focus on achieving results fast. Within 8 to 16 weeks, the first results should be there. Small projects will be faster of course, and for large implementations that first result will be a first step.

And….thanks to our experience and reusable assets, we can deliver an implementation 50% faster than our competitors!

What makes Plat4mation consultants different?

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Being a pure-play ServiceNow partner with a wide range of customers, our consultants are equipped with a large toolkit of lessons learned and reusable assets that are there to help you. Compared to most other ServiceNow partners, our consultants have seen more IT environments and have done the respective implementation before.

What can I do to make my ServiceNow implementation a success?

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While we deliver the best platform and a high-quality implementation, we need YOU to make sure the process on the platform is being used correctly in your organization. Organizational Change Management (OCM) plays a key role in the success of any ServiceNow implementation. If needed, we can support you with OCM services.

What kind of reusable assets does Plat4mation use and why?

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Reusable assets can be anything—from entire apps, work procedures and approaches to problem-solving articles. Reusable assets help us do more in less time, saving you money and allowing us to add more value. It also avoids double work and reinventing the wheel on our side.


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