How to find the best ServiceNow partner

How to find the best ServiceNow partner

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Finding and partnering with capable, certified ServiceNow partners helps you capture the full value from ServiceNow.

There are many different certified ServiceNow partners to choose from. What we see is that organizations who benefit the most from engaging the services of such a partner, are those that treat partner relationships as more than just a one-off contract. They work in close collaboration with their partner to define strategy, governance, business outcomes and roadmaps that result in a streamlined digital transformation.

But how do you find the best ServiceNow partner? Where do you start your search? What do you look for? What is important? Read all you need to know about ServiceNow partners and how to select the one that’s right for you.

What is a ServiceNow partner?

A ServiceNow partner helps organizations put in place solutions and provides training to make work flow. ServiceNow has certified partners across all industries and sectors worldwide.

Best practices as leading

Unlike many other partner models, ServiceNow’s approach to partner tiering is not on achieving sales and certification goals to gain access to higher program tiers that offer bigger discounts.

Instead, partners are ‘tiered’ based on their commitment to achieving customer success and delivering the best ServiceNow experience. This Is what ServiceNow calls their 4C tiered framework.

4Cs model

Ideally, in addition to providing critical skills for technical deployment with optimized value realization, a partner organization has access to a large knowledge base from previous engagements—successes and failures—to build on lessons learned for better and faster implementation. And, importantly, to boost adoption by the organization, a partner has training capabilities.

Partner with us to get the most out of ServiceNow

How do you choose a ServiceNow partner?

Different ServiceNow partners bring different benefits to their clients. Some specialize in just one or two applications, which is fine if you’re only looking to implement a single application.

Less so if you expect your business to grow or generate new service requests or use cases, in response to shifting market demand. In such a case, it’s best to partner with someone who is experienced in the full suite of ServiceNow applications.

So, first, before you embark on any partner search, define what you need from an implementation partner upfront. A partner may be more suitable depending on your organization’s requirements. Knowing what your need, will help you evaluate and choose the right partner.

Second, you can always look at the number of certifications or great references a potential partner has. But, they’re hardly a differentiating criterium.

We believe you can best check out a partner’s core values – agile, digital driven people, transparent, flexible, to name but a few. Do they match those of your own organization? If there is a click, it’s far easier to partner based on trust and shared values.

Thirdly – and importantly – check out the implementation experience of a potential partner. It will tell you a lot about what they’re good at doing, for which industry.

And fourth, find out if their approach and mindset match your organization’s culture and business goals. How do you measure success? If putting a tool in place as fast as possible, is a partner’s definition of success, you might want to rethink working with them. Because any implementation is so much more than go-live.

In fact, go-live is just the beginning of your digital transformation journey. User uptake and experience, ongoing optimization and automation, feature releases, upgrading, new use cases and implementations: does a partner offer the services to support you need moving forward?

Here is where you find the full list of ServiceNow authorized partners. You can check out the ServiceNow Community for customer references.

Frequently Asked Questions about ServiceNow Partners

What is a ServiceNow Elite Partner?

We at Plat4Mation are what ServiceNow calls an Elite Partner. What that means?  

That we are recognized by ServiceNow as being a partner who has ‘excelled at developing Now-enabled workflow practices and services offerings, including key capabilities, competencies, and certifications to sell and deliver world-class business outcomes to our joint clients.’ 

After becoming the first and only company to achieve the Triple Gold Partner status in 2018 and winning the ServiceNow EMEA Overall Partner of the Year Award 2020, in 2021 we went on to win no less than 3 awards: 

Industry solutions winners are chosen for having the most innovative use-case solution and driving significant client business value and outcomes. According to ServiceNow, we excelled in app development and ratings, building apps on the Now Platform. We also exhibited strong year-over-year growth. 


What does it mean to be a ServiceNow partner?

For us at Plat4Mation, being a ServiceNow partner, goes beyond providing the technical know-how needed to make your digital transformation a smooth one. 

We believe in true partnership, where we work together with ambitious customer teams to do great things. Where customers’ success is our success.  

That also means that we can make it difficult for customers to start off with. We want to know everything there is to know about what the relevant issues are and clearly define what is needed in anything we undertake together.  

It also means, we draw up solutions that cut to the quick and deliver sought-for outcomes.  

Sometimes, it means that as trusted advisor we say ‘no’ to what some customers ask us to do. Because we don’t believe it’s in their best interest, doesn’t fit their goals or because we have a better solution. 

We ask much from our customers. But then, they ask much from us. 

Of course, we can tell you many, many stories of how great customers allow us – as ServiceNow partner – to do great things in realizing excellent workflow experiences. But, why take our word for it?  

Here’s what we get as feedback from our customers:  

  • Eneco: ‘Plat4mation delivered amazing results in a short timeframe and high-pressure stakeholder environment. We see tremendous value being generated for multiple stakeholder domains with the strategic ServiceNow platform.
  • NXP: ‘Within 6 weeks the BIA process was designed, implemented and rolled out using ServiceNow and Plat4mation. Plat4mation shows remarkable domain expertise and end-to-end platform know-how. A true one-stop shop.
  • Roche: ‘Plat4mation has shown great capabilities from a subject matter perspective. They are able to understand our business need and proactively propose innovative solutions that deliver great benefits through the platform.’



How many ServiceNow partners are there?

ServiceNow has in place what they call their ‘global ecosystem’ of authorized partners. These include Sales, Services, Technology, Service Provider, Public Sector and Authorized Training partners who help customers boost the value of their ServiceNow experience and investment. 

In total, there are near to 1,600 authorized partners worldwide. Of these, only 129 – including Plat4Mation –are Elite ServiceNow partners. 

Partner with us to get the most out of ServiceNow


What are the requirements to become a ServiceNow partner?

All ServiceNow authorized partners are selected by ServiceNow based on a strict application review. New partners are required to follow a ServiceNow training program. 

ServiceNow requirements

ServiceNow has divided their partners into 3 segments:

1. Elite

Includes partners that have developed 5+ practices aligned to Bus and global scale. 

2. Premier

Includes partners that have developed 3-4 practices aligned to Bus, demonstrating a strong regional footprint. 

3. Specialist

Includes partners that developed a practice aligned to 1-2 business units. 

Within these segments ServiceNow has a so-called 4Cs tiered framework that helps customers identify partnerwho consistently deliver results and great experiences.

The value of the 4Cs for customers

Committed Capacity Certified resources and practices Optimized value realization
Capability Verifiable training, education and knowledge of the Now platform Increased enterprise adoption
Customer Success Consistent delivery of great customer experiences Accelerated implementation
Competency Customized solutions for specific business needs More efficient use of resources


Can the ServiceNow platform be used for every industry?

The ServiceNow platform can be used for making primary and secondary processes flow within all industries. 

Why we are a ServiceNow partner

The answer is simple: because we as user ourselves experience how the ServiceNow cloud-based platform of platforms concept helps us to put in place digital workflows that connect people, functions and systems.

But, that’s not all. What, to our mind, makes ServiceNow stand out from other platform solutions, is its unique flexibility and scalability.

  • Flexibility – It makes digital transformation available right across any enterprise, down to the user on the work floor. It gives clients the flexibility to change and adapt workflows themselves without the need of having any knowledge of IT. As low-code platform it enables users to successfully deploy ServiceNow’s citizen development features.
  • Scalability – ServiceNow is extremely scalable. From standard solutions to customized ones: optimized productivity, cost and resilience can be achieved by all – whatever the business our clients are in.

What can we do as ServiceNow partner what others can't?

Our customers benefit from the vast number of best practices that we have acquired as long-standing ServiceNow Elite Partner. In fact, we have the largest number of certified ServiceNow architects in Europe.

Especially when it comes to upgrading existing tools and transforming the digital landscape of a business to face current and future business challenges, we know our way round. Because we’ve been there ourselves as ServiceNow user. And still are. It enables us to create optimized solutions that fit market trends and demand.

  • Working in sprints and staying as close as possible to out-of-the-box, we bring speed and efficiency to any project.
  • We re-use what we’ve built and apply the knowledge we’ve acquired to make customer implementations faster and more cost effective.
  • In everything we do, creating an organization in which work flows, is our end goal. Whatever the industry our customers operate in.
  • We were pioneers in developing a connected worker platform for manufacturing and a Workplace Service Delivery Suite for facility management.
  • By leveraging a wealth of valuable assets from past deployments, our process and subject-matter specialists provide fit-for-purpose solutions, whether it regards optimizing a single workflow or your whole system.


What value do our services bring our customers?

When we’ve done our work, our clients can count on ServiceNow instances and modules that are effective, easy to maintain and quick to upgrade. Our approach ensures that we keep technical debt to a minimum, safeguarding future upgradeability.

Our implementation approach was one of the reasons why we were awarded the ServiceNow EMEA Overall Partner of the Year Award 2020.

We asked our customers what value our services bring them. These are the top 3 values cited by them.

  • Speed and efficiency – We’re result-oriented. Based on our extensive experience implementing ServiceNow, we have built a surefire approach to every project. It allows our specialists to spend their time delivering value instead of reinventing the wheel.
  • Customization – Quality is what matters. So we only get going on a project once we’ve got a full understanding of end goals and crafted a robust road plan.
  • Seizing opportunities in digital – For clients who already have ServiceNow, but need a major rehaul, we have our own proprietary application (Connector4U). While maintaining client operations by working on a duplicated instance, we build and test new, out-of-box or customized solutions on a new instance.

Last, but not least, as ServiceNow users ourselves, we know what it’s like to be a user. Every day, we experience the many benefits the platform offers. And we also reap the benefits of the stuff that we’ve built on the Now platform to make our work flow even better. But, above all, we are eager to share our best experiences with you.


What type of customers can benefit most from our services?

We serve customers from all industries. Our sweet spot for ServiceNow implementation is companies with between 1,000 to 3,000 employees. But we also work for smaller organizations with ambitious growth ambitions. 

Although our customers initially were primarily in IT departments, we see many other lines of business turning to us to build a wide range of workflow driven use cases.  

For instance, manufacturers who are looking to achieve a quicker ROI in 4.0 technology while growing their Operational Equipment Effectiveness, are achieving just that with our 4Industry connected worker platform. Built on ServiceNow, we’ve put the connected operator at the very heart of manufacturing strategies.

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